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Malden Trans offers positions for both school bus drivers and taxi drivers.  Our school bus division operates on a school year calendar, while our taxi cab division is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  We are always seeking applicants to fill the positions of school bus driver, monitor along with taxi drivers.  There may be other positions available, which may include mechanics, taxi dispatchers, office staff, etc.  Feel free to call us at 781-322-9400 to inquire.  Provided below is a brief description of what’s required for those interested in driving a school bus or taxi cab


School Bus Applicants:

Malden Trans offers competitive wages and is the ideal location for someone looking for part-time work.  Work hours are based on a typical school schedule and can vary, depending on location of school, from 15 hours to 25 hours per week.  We also allow our drivers to take the company vehicle home and use for reasonable personal use.  Personal use of company yellow buses does not apply


There are 2 different types of licenses in order to drive school bus:

7D License:  A 7D license allows the ability to drive all school bus vehicles, EXCEPT for Yellow Buses. The license can be secured from the Registry of Moro Vehicles.  One must have their MA driver’s license for no less than 3 consecutive years in order to apply.  Prior to taking the exam at the RMV, you must schedule and pass a physical.  The doctor completes the physical section of the 7D application which is provided on our website under the “documents” section.  Once the application is fully completed, bring to the RMV to take the exam; the cost is approximately $15.  If passed, the RMV will sign the application and give back to the applicant in order to be mailed in to the Mass RMV along with a check for an additional $15.  Your 7D license will be mailed to you within 30 days.  Annual renewals consist of a physical and mailing in an updated application.


CDL:  A CDL license is required in order to drive a yellow bus or any vehicle that is regulated by the Depart of Transportation (DOT).  There is a much higher standard and level of training.  With the proper CDL permits, an applicant must also possess both S Endorsements and P Endorsements.  Once these permits are secured, then the applicant must commit to 80 hours of Behind the Wheel (BTW) & Class room (CR) training, along with a mandated road test.  Once passed, the driver will be issued a temporary DPU Certificate until the permanent one is mailed.  To maintain your licensing requirements for the DPU, a minimum number of in service training hours are required along with a yearly physical.


Taxi Drivers:

Day and Night shifts are available 365 days a year in both the cities of Everett and Malden.  Both are very promising locations; the City of Malden has numerous new projects on the horizon, which consists of over 700 units of apartment buildings, a revitalized downtown area, a judicial center and 6,000 seat baseball stadium.  Everett was selected as the site for the new Wynn casino.  We are in process of updating our fleet to minivans to provide both our passengers and drivers with a better experience.  We have recently installed new credit card machines in all of our vehicles and will soon be converting over from a 2 way radio system to an automated dispatch system.  Feel free to call us at 781-322-9400 to inquire.  

In order to drive a taxi cab, an applicant must first provide us with a driver history from the RMV.  If satisfactory to our staff, we schedule the applicant for a training with an experienced driver.  The purpose is for the new applicant to begin learning locations of our taxi stands and using the credit card machines.  Once the training is completed, the driver is provided an application to apply for a hackney license for either the city of Everett or Malden.  In order to pass a hackney, the respective municipality will review the applicant’s driver history and perform CORI check.  If approved, a hackney license will be issued. 


Online Forms : 

Employment Application 7D BUS DRIVERS & MONITORS


CDL Application Form





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